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Our work is our passion. And we are passionate about creating a safe and calming environment for your pets to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating grooming session. We use high quality, all-natural shampoos and fragrances to ensure your pets get the best treatment, whilst being kind to their skin. 

Introducing your new puppy to being groomed is a very important step in their young life. Almost all breeds will need some form of grooming during their life, even if its just the odd bath and a nail clip. The earlier you start, the better. As soon as your puppy has had their full set of vaccinations, they can be booked in for a Puppy Introduction Groom. The aim of these sessions is for your puppy to have a fun and relaxing time, whilst learning what it feels like to be handled, bathed, dried and brushed. We will also clip their nails and clean their ears. Or if this isn't necessary, we will just pretend! Puppy Grooms are suitable for dogs 6 months and under. 

Small/Medium Dog from £20 - Medium/Large Dog from £25

Our Promise

At Little Angels Grooming in Whittlesey, we offer a wide range of treatments to suit every dogs need. All breeds, shapes and sizes are welcome in our relaxing salon, and our fully-trained staff offer extra calming techniques for nervous, anxious dogs. We pride ourselves on our gentle approach, whilst forming trusting and loving bonds with your pets over time is what we strive for. Whether they are visiting us for a full pamper or a quick nail clip, we will always go the extra mile to ensure they are comfortable and at ease whilst in our care. 

Perfect for double coated breeds of all shapes and sizes. Our luxury de-shedding treatment is great for removing massive amounts of loose, shedding fur. Our high velocity dryers fluff up loose hairs which our professional grooming tools can remove safely and gently. Leaving your fluff-ball looking and feeling light as a feather. It might even save you some hoovering! A De-shedding treatment can be given with or without a bath. (Although it is more effective after bathing in our all-natural de-shedding shampoo with conditioning Aloe Vera.) Nail clips and ear cleaning included.

Small Dog from £20 - Medium Dog from £30 - Large dog from £40 -

Giant dog from £60

A head to tail treatment to get any dog looking and feeling fresh. Including a luxurious all-natural bath in our high-quality vegan shampoo, followed by a glamorous blow-dry and brush out. We always do our best to style your dog just the way you like, but it might take us a little while to learn what you like, so please bear with us. We always welcome feedback. We may also suggest certain styles for your dog depending on their age, lifestyle and coat condition. Your dogs comfort is always our top priority. To finish off we will clip their nails and clean their ears if this is needed. By the time we're finished you will have a clean, fresh and glamorous pooch to take home and snuggle. 

Tiny Dog from £30 - Small Dog from £35 - Medium Dog from £40 - Large dog from £50 -

Giant dog from £65

Great for in between Full Grooms, a quick bath and tidy can freshen up mucky pups whilst giving them a little scissor trim around the face, eyes, feet and bum. After all, those are the most important bits right? Nail clips and ear cleaning also included. 

Tiny Dog from £25 - Small Dog from £30 - Medium Dog from £35 - Large dog from £45 -

Giant dog from £60

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Nail Clipping

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Keeping your dogs nails at a comfortable length is very important. If they are left to grow too long this can cause discomfort. Regular trimming of the nails is recommended once every few months and usually takes just five minutes. 

Small/Medium Dog  £8 - Large/Giant Dog £10

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Full Groom

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